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Kennel Prices.

  • Charging rates are tallied daily.
  • £20 per week non returnable deposit is required to confirm booking
  • You will be charged for one full day on the reserved date of arrival and departure .
  • No charge will be made for the day of departure, if it is before 10am.
  • Charges will be made for the full term reserved on the booking form even if the guest is collected early.
  • Complete payment must be made before collection can take place. We accept all major credit and debit cards.
  • If you fail to present your pet/pets for boarding within 48 hours of the first day of your booking you agree that your booking will be cancelled. 

We reserve the right to refuse entry to boarders at our discretion or to any guest we consider to be in poor health.

Prices are daily rate of £17 for 1 dog and then each additional family dog £9.50 if sharing same kennel


(We have limited family kennel availability so please book early to avoid disappointment)

Grooming Prices.

  • Dog grooming prices start from £20 for a small dog such as : chihuahua, yorkshire terrriers & Lhasa apso
  • Medium Sized dogs start from £30 and include : K/C spaniel, cocker & mini schnauzer
  • Large dogs start from £40 and include : standard poodle, german shepherds and samoyed
  • As part of our service we also offer Nail clipping for £5 which is donated to charity.

If you want your dog groomed as part of your kennel stay please make sure you book in advance as short notice appointments are not always available.

Microchipping Prices.

We also do Micro-chipping with Petlog for £20.

As of 2016 all dogs must be permanently identified by microchip.

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